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Mission Beach Fishing Tips

When fishing in waters you are not familiar with you need to take the time to learn and observe the difference in the types of marine life that inhabit the oceans, rivers, billabongs and streams in and around Mission Beach and the potential dangers that may be present that you would not normally come across in your home town.

In Mission Beach you will also need to know the fishing zones, bag limits and fishing seasonal closures, limits on the number of lines and hooks used and restrictions on the type of gear used and the most important thing the best seasons or time of year to catch your favorite fish.

The tropics are a very fertile place not only nourishing our green rainforests but also the waters of the Great Barrier Reef. Mission Beach is one of the few places where you will see Green Sea Turtles on the waters edge gliding about gracefully, and sting rays and manta rays doing the same thing.

Fishing on the beach at Mission Beach is a lot of fun for both adults and children as is hiring a tinny at South Mission Beach and going out around the islands to try your luck.

Bait can be purchased from Mission Beach caravan parks, supermarkets, petrol stations, and Marine tackle shops.

Please never use imported prawns as bait as they can potentially bring in diseases that could destroy the Australian prawning industry.

Although not dangerous to humans, these diseases could have devastating effects on both the farmed prawning industry as well as the wild caught prawning industry.

As a fisherman or woman it's up to you to ensure our waters are safe for future generations to enjoy.

And always remember what you bring into the region you need to take out so that means you need to dispose of plastic packaging carefully so as not to endanger marine life such as Green Sea Turtles that sees them in the water as jelly fish. All cans, bottles and anything else artificial needs to be disposed of responsibly.

Mission Beach boat ramps:- Clump Point, Muff Creek (Garners Beach), South Mission Beach at the very end of the beach, South Mission Beach at the end of Jacky Jacky Street, into the Hull River, and North Hull Road into the Hull River.

Please note the South Mission Beach boat ramp is only accessible in calm weather.

Where can you go fishing in Mission Beach?

  • Along all of the beaches
  • Clump Point jetty except when tourist boats are departing or arriving
  • Clump Point boat ramp, from the rocks
  • Muff Creek, turn off past Garners Beach
  • South Mission Beach off the rocks on the Kennedy walk
  • On the banks of the Hull River, end of Jacky Jacky Street just beware of crocodiles that will be after the catch of the day
  • In front of Porters Creek and use local prawns for dart or trevally
  • At the back of Dunk Island at 40 foot reef
  • In front of Tam O'Shanter Point
  • Near Purtaboi Island
  • Silver sands near King Reef
  • Kurramine Beach just a few kilometers north of Mission Beach

Fishing in Yellow Zones is limited and it means you can fish with one hand held rod or hand line per person with one hook or lure attached to that line except when trolling.

No go fishing spots of Mission Beach:

  • Brook Islands area
  • Kennedy Bay
  • Smith, Hudson and Bowden Islands
  • South Western area near Dunk Island and Garners Beach
  • Beaver Reef
  • Taylor Reef

No fishing in a Green Zone however you can transit and anchor with care in Green Zones.

The prime time for fishing holidays are August, September, October and November, mainly due to consistent good weather providing opportunities for all style of fishing.

How do you navigate the fishing zones in Mission Beach?

To assist with navigation in the marine park coastal boundaries of zones often line up with landmarks such as creeks and headlands.

Key co-ordinates for Green and Pink zones are shown on the free detailed zoning maps you can pick up from the Mission Beach Visitor Information Centre or you can download them from

In the different months of the year what species am I going to catch?

February to March is known as the Green Season so some fishing opportunities may be a little limited at times of tropical lows and south east winds but can also provide good fishing for Barramundi, Mangrove Jack, Fingermark and Grunter.

April, May, June is a good fishing time for Barramundi, Mangrove Jack, Grunter, Fingermark and Whiting. Reef fishing for Coral Trout, Red Throat Emperor, Nannygai, and Red Emperor is available but prone to the south easterlys. Good fresh water fishing for the Sooty Grunter and Jungle Perch.

June July freshwater and estuary species are still available but will tapper off. The annual run of school, spotted, and Spanish mackerel arrive and the south easterlys drop down.

August, September, October is prime time to catch Spotty, School and Spanish mackerel, estuary fish for Barramundi, Mangrove Jack, Bream, Whiting, Flathead and Grunter. Fishing on the reef is great for light tackle bill fishing and sports fishing for pelagic species.

November, December, January the Mackerel are tapering off but its still prime time reef, estuary and freshwater fishing.

Always remember to fish responsibly and to obey the local laws and legislation regarding fishing activities in the Mission Beach region. Do not be greedy and take more than you need, and ensure you are only taking the species that are permitted and at the sizes permitted and at the permitted times of year.