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Mission Beach Visitor Information Centre

When we visited this information centre in 2010 we were immensely impressed with the layout and the range of information that this quaint little place offered.

From the Sunshine Coast to the Outback Gold fields to the obscure little country town you may not even have heard of the information was all here and beautifully filed in displays and easily accessible.

The volunteer information centre staff were just fabulous and wonderfully helpful with every thing. In my job as a web travel writer I was in absolute heaven for material on the Mission Beach region and beyond.

I came out of there with arms laden with great information on the tours, attractions, sightseeing, hiking, flying, fishing, whitewater rafting, parachuting and much much more. Mission Beach is just full of things to do and see!

A big thanks to you ladies and a big thank you to all of those businesses that put in the time and monies to support these Information Centre facilities and the great volunteers that help tourists to enjoy the best that Mission Beach has to offer visitors.

Look after these ladies and gents as they certainly look after you.

I have taken the liberty to promote the Mission Beach Visitor Information Centre brochure on our website to help encourage more tourists to drop in and see this place and get some great local advice on the local tours and attractions and things to do and see in Mission Beach.

Hope you do not mind being mobbed ladies? Love your work!

For more information on Mission Beach you can also contact Cairns Holiday Specialists 1300 780 806 where we will be happy to help with any queries or email us

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