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Mission Beach Cassowary

We need your help to keep these rare and endangered Southern Cassowaries species alive to regenerate our rainforests and keep Mother Natures fragile and irreplaceable eco systems functioning.

Our children and their children and their children's children deserve the right to have a landscape left for them to see and be amazed at seeing a wild Cassowary not only still surviving but thriving and increasing in numbers to repair the damage that developers and governments have done over the years to rape the landscape and put peoples lives at risk.

It takes millions of years for a rainforest to grow to the maturity as it has in the Mission Beach region but developers seem to take no interest in the fragility of our environment.

They see the value of the dollar more than the value of the human life that depends on the rainforests to protect our land from soil erosion and more floods, droughts and cyclones. These ancient rainforests provide humans with the medicinal cures they are still finding to this day in these secret rainforests.

The Aboriginals know the secrets of the healing plants in the rainforests and they need to stand up against the government and the developers to stop destroying their life line.

You need to help the Southern Cassowary to survive so they can continue to disperse the rare and valuable seeds that they thru ought the rainforests.

If you see dogs wandering the streets of Mission Beach or irresponsible owners letting them run free in rainforests then call the Mission Beach Dog Patrol immediately to help protect the lives of the Cassowaries the number to call is 07 4043 9100

Please make sure you keep your speed down when coming into and out of Mission Beach and lobby to local council and Main Roads Department to reduce the speed from 80klm down to 50 klm to at least give the Cassowary and its chicks a chance to cross the invasive roads that go down the middle of their ancestral foraging trails that lead them to the flowering and fruit bearing trees in season at varying times of the year.

Slow down you do not want to be responsible for killing an endangered species from the pre-historic times and end up on the front pages of the newspaper or maybe even seriously injured.

Please take up the fight and lobby our environment ministers and local government to do something and do it fast.

Make a donation via: Rainforest Rescue and help buy back the Mission Beach rainforest for future generations to enjoy.

If you look at the economy of Australia some of our biggest revenue earners are small business and tourism.

If we look after our rainforests we will continue to have small business and lots of tourism as other countries are destroying the natural assets that they have without a second thought to the future. Australia needs to wake up and be a lot smarter and preserve and help our natural landscape thrive and survive.

Schools need to add to their curriculum projects on studying the relativity of the environment and its inhabitants on human life so that our future generations do not grow up not knowing how trees and rainforests and animals contribute to their very survival. They need to learn to not be such wasteful and wanton consumers and be careful about the choices they make.

Helping to save the Southern Cassowary is getting to the point of desperation as it is estimated there are only around under 1000 of these mighty birds left in the Mission Beach rainforest and their habitats are being denuded weekly and their off spring are being attacked by dogs and they are being run over by speeding cars.

The Southern Cassowary only survived Cyclone Larry with the help of volunteers and Parks setting up feeding stations in the rainforest over the period of a year whilst waiting for the trees to re-generate and bear fruit and seeds once again.

As a visitor to Mission Beach please take the time to visit C4 Environmental Centre with your family which is just behind the Visitor Information Centre on Porter Promenade just north of the Village Green in North Mission Beach and see the work they are doing to help preserve these mighty creatures and their habitats for us all to enjoy.

Oh and don't forget to leave a big donation!