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General Info

Mission Beach General Info

Mission Beach Cassowary

Cassowary are on the critically endangered list as their habitats are being destroyed by farming, and population growth, accidents on the roads, dog attacks, starvation and disease so we ask that all visitors slow down as they enter Mission Beach to ensure they do not encounter a Cassowary on the road

Mission Beach Crocodiles

Tropical North Queensland is home to the fierce saltwater and freshwater crocodile so if you are visiting for the first time be sure to follow the signs and warnings when near rivers or other areas known to be home to the crocodile.

Mission Beach Visitor Information Centre

When visiting Mission Beach for the first time it’s a great idea to call into the visitor information centre to pick up some maps, ideas and tips on things to do and see whilst holidaying in Mission Beach. The volunteers in here are a mine full of helpful information. Make sure you pop in next door and make a donation to the C4 Environmental Centre to assist in helping to feed and protect the Cassowaries of Mission Beach

Threatened Species of the Great Barrier Reef

Mission Beach and the Great Barrier Reef are unfortunately famous for being home to the critically endangered Sea Turtles and Dugongs. Over the years cyclones have disturbed the sea grass beds, toxic land run off poisoning the reef leaving the animals starving and with disease. Hunting and poaching is also to blame for bringing these animals close to levels of extinction.